Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I decided to call this blog prednisone I hate you because that is what I am feeling right now.  Prednisone is a necessary evil in my life.  I am only taking 20 milligrams each day and when I came home from the hospital I was taking about 40 milligrams so it has come down quite a bit.

Prednisone is quite a miracle drug really because it can be used for many things. I take it to suppress my immune system so my body will not attack and reject the newly transplanted organ.  But, for me, some of the side effects are not so fun.

Mood swings are one that I am dealing with quite a bit.  In my mind I am rational but sometimes I snap too quickly and for no real reason.  I was more weepy directly after the transplant and that seems to have subsided for now.

Hunger is another side effect that I could live without.  I eat and then I think I am hungry.  But I am really not but the prednisone makes me think I am.  I have made chocolate chip cookie bars, no bake cookies and had ice cream.  All this week!  ACK!  And I know in my mind I shouldn't be eating this crap but I do it anyway.  AND I don't want to exercise but I have to get my butt back to the gym ASAP. I go to clinic tomorrow so I will be asking if I can go back to the gym.  I will probably have to wear the mask as I walk around but its better than nothing.


More to come..

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