Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clinic Day

Today was clinic day which means I get to get up at 6am and out the door by 6:30.  I have to be downtown at the lab by 7am but no later than 7:30.  Once I get my blood drawn its up to the transplant office to wait for check in by the nurse.  This involves a blood pressure check, temperature check, weight etc.  Then we review my meds, how I am feeling and other various and sundry things that happen at the doctors office.  Usually at this point I would go to breakfast and then come back to see the doctor.

But today!

No doctor visit and I went on my merry way to see the wound nurse.  My incision wasn't closed properly at the top and split open a bit so I have been seeing the wound care nurse for about a month.  And slowly but surely the wound is healing.  Yay!  But after the nurse was paged I was there, she forgot about me and I sat for about an hour.  I knew she was working on another patient so I was trying to be patient and not get excited.  Oh well.  I guess that is what you can expect when waiting for medical stuff.  But I have no complaints.

Its better than dialysis.

And I still hate you prednisone.  Just so you know.


Julie said...

Justin was on massive dosages of Prednisone when he had ulcerative colitis, so he got a kick out of the name of your blog. His face and neck bloated up so badly that he looked like he might weigh 300 lbs if you only looked at his face. I'm glad that are able to cut back on your dosage. Do you know how much longer you will have to take it?

K2 said...

@Julie, I will be taking prednisone for the rest of my life but hopefully in a year or so I will only be on 5mg. Might not be that soon but its really not so bad. Just the cravings are killing me. I ate hot dogs at 10pm the other night. I know I wasn't really hungry but stupid pred makes me think I am. Glad Justin isn't on those high doses anymore. Does he still take it? Hope not. But at least its around to help with the kidney. That is a good thing. :-)

Julie said...

Justin isn't on it anymore. He had 3 surgeries and had his entire large intestine removed so he no longer has ulcerative colitis (since there is no colon to be ulcered). Prednisone really is a blessing and a curse.